Have you heard the Hebrew saying? הכל יהיה בסדר It's all gonna be ok! Hakol Yihyeh BeSeder!


It's an oft-repeated phrase in Israel. An optimistic outlook, comforting  words, when someone might not have a rosy view of the world. This phrase has worked its way into the lyrics of many popular Israeli songs. Not only the words, but its meaning, have become ingrained in the Israeli culture.


There is no better time than now to shout to the world... It's all gonna be ok! Hang this decoration inside your sukkah and buy another banner to display on the exterior of your sukkah. 


Available in Hebrew only, or with both Hebrew and English.


Hakol Yihyeh BeSeder!

Yihyeh BeSeder - 3' x 3'

SKU: 9082133
  • How big is this Banner?

    This is actually the smallest of the Sukkah Banner collection. Yet it is still quite large. This sukkot decoration measures 3 feet across and 3 feet tall. It leaves space on the wall for another banner by its side.

  • What material is this?

    Sukkah Banners are durable, non-porous, 13 oz. gloss vinyl designed for the outdoors. Sukkah Banners feature heat-welded hems on all edges for durability and added strength. One-inch nickel grommets (that's what the metal-framed holes are really called) are installed, over reinforced hemmed edges, in each corner and along the top, bottom and sides. Ultraviolet-resistant inks provide vibrant, long lasting colors and prevent fading from exposure to sunlight.

    In brief, this is top-quality material, designed to last many Sukkot seasons. Not like those flimsy, faded sukkah signs or posters of past years.