During maariv - the evening services - we recite the הַַשְׁכִּיבֵנוּ prayer, seeking Hashem's protection via a Sukkah of Peace (סֻכַּת שְׁלוֹמֶךָ).


This tefillah is as relevant as ever during coronavirus times, as we beg on a nightly basis for safety from plagues, among other calamities.


This prayer is most appropriate during the Sukkot holiday, as its calls for G-d's protective Sukkah of Peace, similar to the temporary and tentative – yet secure and protective – nature of our own sukkahs where we dwell during Chag Sukkot.


This prayer has a positive outlook, full of hope and security. We pray for Hashem to protect us and bring us everlasting peace and safety.

Sukkah of Peace - 5' x 3'

SKU: 9052035
  • Beautify your sukkah with this stunning skyscape, filled with naturally beautiful, sun-drenched, purple and pink tones. This banner spreads across 5 feet, with 3 feet in height.

  • Sukkah Banners are durable, non-porous, 13 oz. gloss vinyl designed for the outdoors. Banners feature heat welded hems on all sides for durability and added strength. One-inch nickel grommets (those are the metal-framed holes) are installed, over reinforced hemmed edges, in each corner and along the top and bottom. Ultraviolet-resistant inks provide vibrant, long lasting colors and prevent fading from exposure to sunlight.

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