As we sit in our sukkot it is imperative that we think about the courageous, young men and women defending the Jewish homeland, and we pray for their safety and well-being. Honor the State of Israel and its formidable military with this Sukkah Banner decoration. The MiSheBerach prayer for the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF or Tzahal) is depicted in full Hebrew text.

Prayer for Tzahal IDF soldiers - 5' x 3'

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  • How big is this Banner?

    No Sukkah Banner could be large enough to give the appropriate level of respect to the brave soldiers of Israel's army. However this 15 square foot banner is a pretty good gesture towards honoring the State of Israel and its IDF soldiers.
    5 feet wide by 3 feet tall

  • What material is this?

    Sukkah Banners are durable, non-porous, 13 oz. gloss vinyl designed for the outdoors. Banners feature heat welded hems on all sides for durability and added strength. One-inch nickel grommets (those are the metal-framed holes) are installed, over reinforced hemmed edges, in each corner and along the top and bottom. Ultraviolet-resistant inks provide vibrant, long lasting colors and prevent fading from exposure to sunlight.